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Bay Club is throwing a BBQ….We’re all totally “phucked.”

Well, maybe you’re not so phucked anymore, but chances are you have been at some point in this life. If being phucked is past tense for you, maybe it means you’ve UNphucked yourself to be here with us. Perhaps you got the help and support you needed, and mustered the determination and love for yourself it takes to get out of a phucked up place in your life.
No matter where you might be on that journey, Bay Barbers will always have a place for you at our table. We’re letting our community know, we’ve been there, and in creating a space to be safe, and by sharing our stories, we can be brought closer together. This summer we would like to take this togetherness a step further and help others at Thousand Islands treatment centre on their journey through unphucking themselves. What better way than with a summer barbecue?
On August 6th at 12PM we are throwing UNPHUCKED BAY BBQ, right here at Bay Barbers Belleville location complete with live music, cold drinks, barbecue, and an amazing crowd.

We’ll see you there, friends.