I wrote these some time back. While not polished, I hope they connect. Just posting this one to get more views to be honest haha.

Moving out

I visit home

It hasn't been long

Not even a week

Mum is in tears

This wavy love

is hard to come by

Blind date

Line questions, circle answers.

Jab, jab; wax on, wax off.

Exploding arrows in collapsing universes.

Touch wood, snap a ruler;

be careful some bend.


Come down from there, thoughts.

You helium, conflated guesswork.

Dangle down softly,

melt into my spine.

On the till

On the till.

Hi, how are you?

One hour.

Folding skies

Folding skies

Nightly melodies

Still surprise


come find me

in the obvious, unseen

spaces of your world

notice me

still, crisp, definite


fall into me

unfiltered and untainted

I can hold you

strong spined

fluid shadows

I am hard to see