GenA.I. VS GenH.I.

As expected, generative AI has taken over the world. AI is everywhere and an important part of the new contents on the Internet has been generated by AI or with the help of AI. Even the communication between humans will be generated by AI. We’ll reply to an email using the autocompletion mail suggested by AI, our posts on social media will be rewritten by AI and so on.

We will not read all this AI generated content, no, we’ll ask AI to summarize it for us. So you can see the trend. We are already complaining about the Youtube algorithm which decides for us what we can watch and what we cannot. In the near future, we’ll complain about the algorithm inside our phones which will dictate everything we can see, everything we’re allowed to do : for example, the AI of your phone will inform you about some news and hide others, it will suggest restaurants to you regarding your social class, it will hide text messages from this old friend because AI “thinks” it’s not good for you to see him/her again… It’s almost already here, the big tech companies control the world even if Apple is selling confidentiality with its hardware and his new Apple Intelligence.

This post has not been generated by AI

GenAI for video based social media apps is also something critical. You have already seen a video modified using genAI, you can edit a video of Barack Obama and make him say absolutely everything that you want and then post it. It’s becoming harder and harder to identify real videos from fake ones.

We should insist on a label for any content : GenAI vs GenHI. I strongly recommend using this label GenHI for anything totally produced by a Human : GenHI = Generated by Human Intelligence. I think this is crucial to know, it will help us and our kids to distinguish something reel, something produced by the brain of a human being. In my point of view, GenAI can only mimic what GenHI can really do.

Generated by Human Intelligence (genH.I.)

I would love to see the label GenAI or GenHI on any content. I guess we can think about some third party authorities which can approve the label GenHI like an authority can approve a SSL certificate on a https website. We can also have a third party authority which can approve GenAI content by a trusted company and/or people, something to ensure some content is not fake news even if some part of the text or the picture has been generated using AI. The validity of this third party authority could be stored into a blockchain.

I think I should stop writing and work on this idea to build a million dollar company. Just follow my lead and require the labels GenAI or GenHI before consuming any content. This has to come from us, if people refuse to consume content without a trusted label it can prevent us from watching, relaying, reading, listening or learning fake content. Just think about it and thank me later.


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