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Turning 6 Years Old

February 2nd, 2021 marked six years since Write.as first launched! 🎉

To celebrate how far we've come over the years — from 0 to 175,000 blogs, from side project to sustainable business — we're offering a deal on our five-year Pro plan throughout the month of February.

Read more about how far we've come, and how to get 25% off our five-year plan, in our latest Write.as Deals post.

As you can see, with this promotion, we're also launching a newsletter for sales and deals in the Write.as suite! Going forward, we'll publish promotions there exclusively, and keep the official blog you're reading this on limited to product updates and announcements. So if you're interested in discounts, free features, and exclusive sales, you can subscribe now to Write.as Deals.

Thanks for celebrating six years with us, and here's to many more!