What we're writing.

Write.as for Linux

Today we're happy to announce our very first desktop app, Write.as for Linux! The app is a distraction-free editor built for your words that lets you compose posts on your machine, offline, and publish them whenever you're ready. With this, we want to give writers a lightweight, reliable space they can always go to to jot their thoughts down and share them with others.

Screenshot of the Write.as app

You can install it now for free, evaluate it as long as you want, and purchase it for $25 if you want to keep using it. We apply discounts for existing Write.as subscribers, and let you choose your own price if you'd rather pay less, or get more value from it than what we charge.

Behind the scenes, the app is powered by our command-line interface (CLI), and will build upon that in future updates. Today you can publish anonymously with the desktop app and then manage your posts with the CLI. In the future, you'll be able to do more directly from the app, including publishing to your blog, without going into the command-line.

This app, like the CLI, is free/libre software. You can see the source and freely modify it under the GPL. If you'd like to contribute, we'd love your help on our GitHub repo.

This is the first step onto the final platform we want to build first-party apps for: the desktop. We're building native apps for all major operating systems, starting with Linux, then moving on to macOS and Windows. If you'd like to help us finish our Swift-based macOS app or build our Windows app, please get in touch — we're hiring developers on a contract basis to help us get there!

For now, we'd love to hear what you think of the app. Stop by the forums and tell us your questions, ideas, and thoughts so far.