Film Development – suggestions from others. & Exploring how to use

Stand Development

Photos taken in bright light/ direct sunlight/ contrasty light/ hard light such a direct flash / speedlights benefit from a shorter developing time (such as 40 minutes) and give high-quality negatives with a broad dynamic range (highlight detail, range of mid-grey detail and shadow detail).

Photos taken in the shade / even light / overcast day / inside without obvious directional light will develop as just mid greys lacking contrast and clarity when using the same developing time. Luckily film retains a lot of detail so negatives can be pushed/pulled when scanned to boost contrast and if needed boost contrast further in PP.

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Home Development

Kodak Vision3 ECN-2 starter for ECN-2 film

Tetenal C41
Tetenal C41 Kit 2.5L kit

E-6 film processing

Now for some images – how about a dragonfly.

And now some farming. Alien ant farming.
ant farming