Bryan Beal

Device Diaries – Day 6

I got a new job! I am now the official cleaner of McDonalds in New Sydney CBD! It wasn't all that hard to win the position. I think there was only a couple of others who applied and they were humans. I was surprised to see humans there. Normally that type of work is left to us. And who else would want to work in New Sydney?

The last I heard was that the lunar colonies were soaked in crime and just about out of control. Unlike the Asteroid Region, the moon had just about nothing to sell or harvest. Well, nothing of value, anyway. They make a bit on low-gravity launches for new ships, but that is about it. The bright spark who decided the Van de Graaf Crater was a good place for a colony did not last long in business. Somehow, the colony has staggered along and continues to eek out something like an existence. Enough that McDonalds saw fit to open a new health store there.

So, next week, I am off to de Graaf and a new phase of life! Diana is a bit worried. She has heard only bad things about the moon and the colonies there. A lot of it is media hype, I think. The Sol Police would have cleaned anything too bad out. Anyway, Diana said I need to be careful about people stripping me for black market parts! What the hell? I am nervous enough as it is without her adding those sorts of things to my mind.

Anyway, wish me luck, mystery person!