Bryan Beal

Device Diaries – Day 4

Diana decided that my name should be “Maurice”. I was quite happy with E-CLN-047.32.9, but apparently that's a lot for a [m.......]...human to get their vocal tract around. Owen claimed that “Maurice” was even worse that my designation. When Diana told him to come up with something better, (she called him a smart arse), he told he could do no worse than “Maurice”. They argued for about twenty minutes. It's a lot for something the one person who should care about it could not give a crap about.

Now, I am Wayne.

I was dredging around the Archives yesterday and found a song that seemed to suggest not all humans were frightened of droids. This singer called himself Klayton. He must have had a bad education. His spelling is a bit rough. Anyhow, he did not seem to have too much issue with robots, but knew what his fellow humans would be like. You find the song at the place above.

Owen helped me out at work today. I didn't want him to. To be honest, when he helps, the job takes longer. I don't tell him that, because he's just being nice and feels like he's helping out the “oppressed droid”. I am going to have to talk to him about that. I am not his token droid.

I do prefer “Wayne”, though. I'm not sure why.