Bryan Beal

I am Online

With the republishing of NeoTokyo Dead in serialised form, I have launched a page on Ream. I chose Ream because it is new, innovative and it makes publishing simple and straight-forward. It also makes it easy for readers to catch their favourite authors, as well as find new ones.

Currently, I have a couple of subscription tiers available. Shock Bots gain access to all short stories that I write for the platform, updates on projects in the works and exclusive musings and thoughts. Guardians get the full deal with access to all novels and novellas as I write them as serialised works as well as everything in the Shock Bots tier.

As a bonus for just signing on, Shock Bots will have access to the first novella, NeoTokyo Dead. The first two chapters are free and public, and from there, open to all subscribers.

I am not planning on adding any more tiers. I am still learning many of the ropes and finding out how to do things on Ream.

NeoTokyo Dead is scheduled to drop two chapters a week until it is completed. The complete novella should be finished in about three months' time. Plenty to read!

Happy reading, people!