Bryan Beal


WARNING: This story depicts graphic violence.

Tallex had always wondered about it. Since she had arrived on this pin-prick of a rock in the middle of nowhere, the question had eaten at her mind. As she had watched and scouted, waiting, the human persistence that aliens would bring enlightenment and a new evolution amused her. Tallex allowed herself a quiet giggle, muffled by her mask, as she prepared.

The capacity of these self-proclaimed monkeys for delusional hypocrisy amazed her. She had to ask. Considering these poor excuses for an 'advanced civilisation' had wiped out thousands of species for no other reason than consumption, their expectation that an alien species would treat humanity any different astounded her. Tallex made the last adjustments to her kit. Seal integrity was at a hundred percent.

Tallex stepped into the sphere, instantly vanishing to appear around three hundred kilometres away. She stepped from the forced opening in time and space into the building they called the Beehive, a nostalgic relic the humans here used for their government. She stepped out, clad in her white combat exo, hoses feeding her stims through two hoses strait to her breathing organs. She could hear the whoosh of gases.

Humans gathered in the faun coloured room staggered away from her. The sight of her plasma axe had that effect on people. With her left hand, Tallex lifted the cannon towards the stage below her. She strode down the aisle. In her right hand, the axe swung in an arch. A middle-aged man in an old style suit lost his arm in a small spurt of blood. The impact twisted him back and over his seat.

The screams of the people got louder when the cannon poured its lethal load into the stage. The beam caught the human called Prime Minister dead centre in his chest. The human had the survival instincts of a Formillian Denwont. That is to say, none. The moron just stood there. Not even his security stopped the beam from tearing a hole through the man.

Tallex kept striding down the stage. She swept the cannon to her left, cutting down another human. The axe swung again, an upward swipe that caught a female human between the legs. The blow rent her in two, the massive wound cauterised before the corpse hit the floor.

Thankfully the exo filtered out the stink of seared flesh and cooked blood. As Tallex reached the stage, a new team of humans appeared. In navy blue clothing that she surmised was a uniform, they brandished weapons that were laughably primitive. Nevertheless, a skirmisher did not survive long if they were not cautious. Tallex turned and dropped to her knee. One of the three uniformed humans rolled into the floor as his knee was blown out from under him. The other two tried to return fire. A second beam from the cannon ripped its way through the left officer's throat, exposing the spine.

Tallex stood and stepped to her right. She vanished into another sphere.

A job well done, she thought. She hoped that the rest of the skirmishers had met with similar success. At the very least, they would have rattled some human assumptions. Tallex had to laugh grimly. In a way, she had brought the human's their sought-after evolution. They had been sent to a new plane of consciousness. Many more would follow.

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Photo by Siyan Ren on Unsplash