Bryan Beal


He peered close to the glass. His optics whirred as the cogs adjusted for close up viewing. Afra could not believe that people once used a thing called a C64 and considered it optimal for home use. Such a thing was beyond imagining, even to his young mind.

Afra wandered through the halls and galleries of the museum in awe and wonder. He was taken with almost everything. Sure, he could have seen it all on GlobaNet in thirty-one point two milliseconds, but there was nothing like seeing it all with your own optics. Afra just liked to dawdle and loiter in nice places. The East Museum of Antiquities was a gorgeous place to be.

His favourite exhibit was the cassettes. Afra was entranced by the idea of putting important things on something as fragile as magnetic tape. Even the black disc that were older seemed more robust to him.

It was little wonder that the old people did not leave much behind for archeologists to find. Some conspiracy theorists believed the old people had left Earth for distant planets. No one with half a processor agreed with them. Those theories were an insult to anyone's intelligence. The few anthropologists left taught that the old people simply died out. Afra was not completely sure about that either. He wondered at times if someone knew something no one else did.

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Robot photo by Gabriella Clare Marino on Unsplash

Cassettes photo by NFT CAR GIRL on Unsplash