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All-in-one is sometimes alright

So, I have been thinking about bullet journaling a lot, because I think it is a viable method for helping me become more mindful and organized.

One thing I have been running in to is this question of whether or not to keep certain things out of the notebook. One scenario is using a notebook only for the bullet journaling part, with tasks, migrations, etc. Another notebook is used for long-form journaling and writing.

However, I think—for me—having everything in one notebook is better. It has the following advantages:

I don’t know, when I was learning about BuJo initially, it was hard to get past all the pretty looking spreads and just find something that worked. I was recommended the book by Ryder Carroll and his YouTube videos, and they really set the stage for my use. I would highly recommend watching and reading before joining the online discourse on Reddit, Twitter, etc.

Day 17 of the #100DaysToOffload challenge!