From the Desk of Caranmegil

Site Reogranizations

Reogranizing is like reorganizing, but taking on a big and ugly task. I am doing just that with my personal site. At this time, I am separating out things. Personal stuff is at and professional stuff is at I think, this will be a good fit.

Why the change? Well, I have networking cards. The purpose of this is to network professionally for my impending doom/graduation next year with an MBA. On these networking cards are I've been low-key suspecting that some people were turned off by the lack of professionalism. As such, I've split things out.

Right now, the layout and styling is the same. However, certain things like my interactive fictions will be redirecting to

Now, the task begins to maintain separate sites with different layouts, styling, and content in order to have my domain networks be like a well feathered mullet: business in the front and party in the back.

So, here's to my latest hair-brained domain schemes and all with a little reogranization it will thrive and continue to do so!