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A Sleepless Night

Today is November 5th 2022 and it is 2:21 p.m. and iit has not been a good morning. My wife has been suffering from a toothache. Let me just say it has not been a pleasant experience. Yet I like to tend to my wife when she is in need of any sort of aid. It makes me feel good although my behavioral therapist tells me it’s a co-dependent relationship. Either way it makes me feel good tending to her when she is ill. Same reason I donate to multiple charities in an uncontrollable manner when I am able to. Believe me when I tell you it’s gone as far as to cause conflict with my wife and I for it has affected our financial status before. To the point of it being detrimental to our well being. We were broke for the lack of better terms. Anyway’s today something different happened. Honestly I have 3 Lil Sumpin in me right now and I have a good buzz and in all honesty I’m about to look up the nearest liquor store, for I am now drunk! Well in all honesty I’m buzzin. Even though I’m in a terrible situation I am somewhat having a goog time! I just walked to the liquor store and back and got two 24 oz. of IPA Lagunitas. I am faded in the ER, and I don’t give a damn. I am feeling wreckless while I listen to John Coltrane so fuck it I’m posting this. Yaaaaayeeeeehhhhyaaaay!!!!!!