Insight into mental illness. Bipolar Schitzo effective

I believe they point Reyes is not what it seems. Allot of practitioners of ritual offerings to false idols and practioners of dark arts to which Everytime i Triumph over evil in mind in soul all for the strive of making God proud of me through Christ. Which i feel his Devine light for i was convinced in a ill manner in a dark ritual to inherited the dark gift which i want no part of to begin with. Dark gift being the ability to derive knowledge, behavioral traits, by unlocking information due to suffering similar trauma as my ancestors did. Tapping into memories from genetic makers from my geno code. Left by my my ancestors. To which many practitioners of dark arts begin to feed of my opening of third eye through Christ. I feel it draining our holy energy to where we can i can barley breath and cramp up when it's gone. My wife and I we were very happy. Now she is practicing dark arts in false idols. “Oshh—ooua” the evil goddess of hoodoo. The one that caused another servant to cut off her ears? I don't recognize her anymore. Found a book work words as “ more sin more forgiveness” and “forth way followers” advertisment with a demons name on the flyer. A book in my wife's possession with sentences mocking the Bible like for example, “ the Bible is groovy” it's for old folks”. Now my wife Lorena is gone and i don't see her when I stare into her eyes as she used the Bible as a weapon. I found a bingo lotto ticket she used as book mark in the Bible we were gifted from a Lutheran pastor. She is now in a very negative tone and sentiment. My name is Cesar, I'm Not at the vineyards past up the hill At 12800 hwy 1 point Reyes station California house on the right #4. The landlord is a narcissistic sociopath whom I've declared war on. Didn't realize they warship the pyramid with the eye. Fuck the Illuminati? Fuck what do I do when I can't trust anyone. This 2 jobs have gas lite us twice. Never experienced that before. Second time my wife and I got job offers on the same week and the following week were cancelled on the same day at the same time in separate job locations. I don't know how to defend against whatever this is
S.O.S i know that book was filled with sinister spirits. Because when i burned it they attacked me in my dreams, and in my mind