Insight into mental illness. Bipolar Schitzo effective

I've been diagnosed schizoaffective. Psychopath ( B Cluster) with hyper active adrenal gland and developed a taste for neural nectar through multiple experiences psychological , emotional trauma. My mother a dark woman who never bothered to registered me at birth. Neglect causing repressed memory of abuse. (PTSD) Intelligent Highest score on exit exam from my 2003 class I'm Hayward California. Eric Cartman from King middle school. Oscar Grant, ( fruit- ville Station) Jon Tie, Jordan Fumar, José Sánchez, Fernando aka Payaso R.I.P all passed away because the hood. One way or another. Palma Ceía Park West Side Hayward. Victims who rebel against society. I take down tyrants who bully and oppress and am proud of my trophies case. I consider myself a Californian who just fully surrendered and realized Christ Jesus legally adopted at birth so I Had a father the whole time. That's just how much my inability to distinguish between traumas clouded my judgment. Due to no registration at birth I have no form of ID. There for in the governments eyes I don't exist. I just found out a year or 2 I have 2 first names. My mother moved allot and changed my name through or my childhood. I'm trying to create a podcast to debate 1%ers. Voice my concerns and following in the footsteps of the African Americans which have already triumphed what I go through. All lives matter not just American Citizens. Why is there not a nation for those who have no inherited nation. Outcasts, outlaws. Those who are considered living and breathing contraband labeled as intruders and given the title “illegal aliens”. My blog ( Insight into mental illness declared 5150 4 times).

A petitioner started a year ago for screening for mental illness in high school just as they do for scoliosis. Hopefully somebody signs it this time attached with my suicide letter.