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Point of no return.

Today is Wednesday April 12 and it's 8:06 a.m seems like a busy day because I have my 2nd appointment with my new therapist at 1:45. I am trying to figure out how to express to my therapist I have come to life changing realizations. I have been waiting for my opportunity to react to my Biological mothers actions. I truly believe that so long as I always react to people's actions, I will always remain in All Mighty favor. Pretty much stand my ground and wait for misplaced animosity to approach me. So finally my mother had posted her describing herself as she wanted her peers to perceive her. This is what my mother said, and I quote.

(Spanish) “Chela, eres una de las personas más geniales del universo y tienes un corazón de oro. Eres el tipo de persona que siempre estaría lista para mover montañas y llenar el océano sólo con el fin de mantener a sus seres queridos seguros y felices. Definitivamente no eres una mentirosa y nunca dices palabras falacias porque preferirías ser brutalmente honesta que un traidor. Aquellos que son amados por Chela son los más afortunados, pero no les quedará amor si se atreven a abusar de la confianza de Chela. Seguramente perderán a Chela para siempre.

(English translation) “Chela, you are one of the coolest people in the universe and you have a heart of gold. You are the type of person who would always be ready to move mountains and fill the ocean just in order to keep your loved ones safe and happy. You are definitely not a liar and you never say fallacious words because you would rather be brutally honest than a backstabber. Those who are loved by Chela are the luckiest, but they will have no love left if they dare to abuse Chela's trust. They will surely lose Chela forever.”
After seeing my mother's post about describing herself I
went ahead and copied her post along with the screen recording of the conversation we had through messenger when I was explaining to her about my repressed memory of being sexually abused as a child when I was 5 and and told her that it happened again when I was 9 by the front neighbor when we lived at 484 B St CA. To which she responded to stop bothering my sister while she is studying. It turns out my mother knew all along and decided to do absolutely nothing about it.

Not only did I post it on my wife's Facebook and Instagram on public. I also sent all my blood relatives whom I've recently made contact with behind my mother's back as well as all my first cousins and Aunt's. All in order to expose want kind of person she truly is. Yet I now realize I was conceived in an ill manor for she was a victim of sexual assault as well for that is hot I was conceived.
Understanding the psychology behind it caused me to finally forgive her. The evidence speaks for itself.