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Sunday May, 08 2022 6:54

“Excuse My Language”

Lyrics to a song I'm writing. (🧀)

Not giving a fuck, getting stuck off the skunk, I gives a fuck. I'll throw Satan in the trunk. Cuz the devil ain't shit. Nothing but a lil bitch. Slap him in the face make him run to his mommies tit. I'm about to throw a fit. Even though life ain't fair, I still like to share, cuz I'm a NORTHERN CALI BEAR. I miss being afraid, so you know I don't scare. it's my burden to bare. I'll do what most wouldn't dare. Trying to do the right thing always seems to be wrong. I'm tired of this broken record that's why I'm changing this song while I reach for my bong. All I know since accepting CHRIST I died weak and the ALL MIGHTY resurrected me strong. I try to stay positive but it makes me feel uncomfortable, when surrounded by those who never really SHARED struggle. All they care about is the hustle, being “all about their money”. People like that are funny, so I laugh at them for being dummies. So society will call me menace, if they haven't already. But I ain't tripping I'm always ready. Suited and booted. A psychopath for Christ, connecting me to God. Doing the best with with I have so I don't ever get caught. All my life, I've always fought with my my own fatal thoughts. Wish one day it will finally stop. But Christ legally adopted me never realizing I've always had my Pops. I'm not embarrassed to let the tears drop. Each one representing loved ones that I lost. So I'm here to put the HOOD on the map, R.I.P OSCAR GRANT. Representing PALMA CEIA PARK, WEST SIDE HAYWARD LIKE WHAAAT. That's the heart of the Bay. Growing up never knowing which way I would end my day. “Left on my own at 16 being told, you can't go but you can't stay”. Shit I didn't know what the fuck to say. Now that I'm grown I've realized why legal guardians are so afraid. Of me , from the P.C Eventually that debt owed to me will have to get paid but to God not me. So I'll just stay out the way. For the goal after this life is meeting Yaw-Weh. So I'm always relaxing, always steady packing. Punk get out of line, and you know he'll get smacking. I'm trying to catch up so I don't get caught laggin. You can always hear me laughin, while the joint I'm always passin. For I'll always rebel against those who impose, always trying to pose for their selfie. Looking like a bunch of hoes. I tend to stay away from those. Most can't hang with that I bang on mud dragging, Demons through Christ. I look to compromise in life. It's all about rolling the dice. Nothing in life is nice, without sacrifice. I don't even like pie but I still need a slice. Only true soldier I know was my wife. Piece of mind remembering how she fought by my side. Eventually that anguish will subside. For I can't afford her happiness. The price is too high. So I have make sure that she finds the guy that can provide that price, her being the prize. No hard feeling, no hurt pride. For anyone fucks with her, there will be a missing person, I swear that on my life. Just look into my eyes and you'll see I'm not lying as I howl at the moon feeling like a great lion. For all that bull shit you selling, I ain't even buying. No one will tell truth if have something to lose. Always lying until facing death. They always start crying. Seeing the pain in they're face. When life escapes they're eyes. So I just close mine as to not witness demise. That will corrupt any mind. If you don't believe me look at mine, which was lost but now found putting lyrics to this this beast. Getting ready to fucking pounce. Growing up learning from the OG's. Grams to pounds. But I've changed my ways because that's not real me. Just another version created by the neglect and prejudice of society. They wouldn't understand what resides from within me. Which will resurface if you begin to threaten me. Only then they'll call that number trying to eradicate those like me. Is this my fault! For I was just a baby no one really cared for. Now I've been declared 5150 X4 last 2 being non-voluntarily after a 3 hour stand off with authorities. I am labeled illegal so the law always apply's to me. So I live my life outside of it. The choice wasn't made by me. May we all rest in peace. By CBC