Being intentional

Last night was the first new moon of 2022. I got together with some friends, wrote some manifestations down on pieces of paper, and then burned them at midnight. I’ve never participated in a New Moon Ritual but thought it might be a fun way to set intentions and focus on what I really want for myself this year.

While writing my list, my mind kept coming back to the words ‘‘Be intentional.’’

Throughout the night, I thought a lot about what that meant for me and how I could bring that manifestation to fruition.

To me being intentional means knowing what you want and doing what you can to get what you want, in a very purposeful way.

This could be in any aspect of your life. Work, friendships, relationships, putting better things in to your body, having a stronger focus on goals you want to achieve, letting go of things that no longer serve you, changing the way you speak to people, the way you think, the media you consume, and more.

I realized more than anything that just as much as I want to live more intentionally, that I also want the people in my life to be intentional with me. I can’t expect it from others if I am not living up to it myself.

Here is to being more intentional.