Come home

I was just getting started but you were ready to end

and there were holes in us both
that we just couldn’t mend

But I was so wrapped up in all the nice things you would say and the way you’d convince me everything was okay

But it wasn’t, was it?
It was all a fascade.

You thought you could protect me
but your thinking was flawed.

And I feel stupid for not know that you weren’t alright,
so blinded by love that I began to lose sight.

I should have cared for you better,
I should have put you first

And I know saying these things doesn’t make it better or worse.

But I can’t not care,
not even now.

My voice is so quiet but my thoughts are so loud.

And there’s nights I want to reach out and see how you are
because my friends said they saw you alone at the bar.

Instead I’ll say nothing, I’ll leave you alone.
But I’ll leave the porch light on in case you want to come home.