I put my head where my feet should go

and just laid there quietly.

It took a little while to fall asleep

but then I did.

I don’t remember dreaming.

I suppose something danced in my head.

I was just happy to wake up to the quiet

when the sun came up.

Birds were chirping,

cars whizzed by.

But in my room with the door shut,

it was quiet.

Really quiet for the first time

in a long while.

I realized I wasn’t thinking.

Wasn’t on.

Wasn’t trying to figure out

what to do.

Trying to tell myself what not to think about.

That’s how I spend most days,

telling my brain

‘‘Don’t think that, it’s bad for us.’’

Not today.

No, today it was quiet.

I lay still, taking it all in…

And it was nice.

I hope that happens tomorrow, too.