I met Bri in January of 2021. I reached out to her on Twitter because I saw she shared a tweet about looking in to starting an Only Fans and I offered to help her if she used my referral link. But she already had a page so she didn’t and I still gave her advice and encouraged her.

On June 20th, 2022 she reached out to me and asked what Fanhouse was. I gave her the scoop and offered the same thing, to help her get started on there if she used my referral code. I had spent hours giving her advice and tips and then after I saw she had made a page, I asked her if she used my referral link. She lied and said yes even though she didn’t. She claimed she ‘‘meant to but didn’t know what happened.’’ She then had her boyfriend use my link, which was probably the stupidest thing ever because it’s not like he was going to be making any money on there. Regardless, I still continued to help her grow her page. I however, did not send her a free invite to mine. So she was paying me $5 a month for access to my page. I continued to help her and gave her advice every single time she reached out.

At one point, she reached out asking if I minded if she made a ‘‘VIP page’’ on Fanhouse. (At this point I was the only creator on Fanhouse with two pages.) I told her I didn’t mind as long as she used my referral code this time. She then claimed she couldn’t because she ‘‘already made the page.’’ So she just went ahead and did it without me saying it was cool, which wasn’t very cash money of her. I asked her to reach out to Fanhouse and ask them to add my referral to her page. That didn’t really matter though because basically no one subbed to her page.

Anotherrr time, she decided to make a VIP Only Fans page and woop-de-doo, big surprise, did not use my referral code. Instead she messaged me saying ‘‘I just realized I could’ve used my referral code from my free page for this one.’’ HUH? And guess who still kept helping her? *THIS GIRL*

At this point I am just a dummy because I was helping this girl for nothing in return and when I would talk to anyone about it, they were like ‘‘There’s no way she’s not doing this on purpose.’’ I like helping people though so I let it slide.

Later when she joined Shotcall she didn’t use my referral code AGAIN so I had to reach out to Shotcall and ask them to manually add me. I decided at this point to just not expect anything in return ever for helping her. It was pretty disheartening.

A few months in to being on Bri’s page there was a sub who was coming for her pretty hard in her housechat and being insanely rude so I ripped him a new one and defended her. Because of this, one of her subs liked how I handled the situation and subbed to me. I built a friendship with the sub and since then he’s become one of my biggest supporters. Sadly Bri became very jealous over time about this and one night a few weeks ago, she started to spiral. She was asking me questions about how much money he sends me, how often we talk, the nature of our conversations, etc. I was very uncomfortable but answered the questions. She began to spiral even harder and I feared she would reach out to the sub and mention me, which could have drastically affected my income. And then she did just that, but thankfully the sub realized she was being crazy and stayed on my page.

I also made an engagement group on Twitter with a bunch of creators in it. The point of the engagement group was to hype each other up, share our successes, and retweet each other’s tweets to get more engagement to bring subs to our pages. It was a very wholesome thing and I loved giving creators a space to talk in, vent in, and be supported in.

But every time I would post successes, she would get very insecure instead of hyping me up. The engagement group blew up after I posted in it after getting a new sub. I was asking two girls in the engagement group that were mutuals with this sub how he is as a sub and she got PISSED because she had been talking and interacting with this sub for free on free platforms and didn’t even know he was on Fanhouse. So seeing that he chose to support me and not her upset her so much that she ended up leaving the group. I told her she was welcome back at any point but that I didn’t advise coming back if she can’t exist in a space where people are sharing their successes without feeling jealous or insecure over it. I halted most interactions with her because I realized what a volatile person she is. I continued to support her, just lessened my interactions with her.

But then she assumed every single post I made was about her, even when I was honest about who my posts were actually about. Cue more spiraling. I mean I could have posted ‘‘I hate this snaggled toothed brunette bitch’’ and she would still probably think somehow despite being a not-snaggled toothed redhead, that it was about her. It was very exhausting.

I had subs reaching out to me complaining that they felt like interactions with her weren’t genuine and they were feeling sick of being used as a piggy bank. One sub was literally in the hospital and she reached out and asked if he was okay and then five minutes later was like ‘‘Did you see I sent out a locked message?’’ She’s also reached out to creators she shares mutual subs with asking ‘‘Why isn’t he unlocking or tipping ever?’’ and reaching out to subs that didn’t re-sub asking if they’re planning on coming back.

There was one time where I had to reach out to her and let her know that her behavior in another creator’s housechat was really inappropriate. She would always be really active in housechats if there was a sub interacting in there in an attempt to get him on to her page which was embarrassing for me because I was the one who brought her on to Fanhouse and she was sneakily sub poaching. I warned her it was not a good look and I didn’t want the creators on Fanhouse to start getting negative opinions about her.

There would be days where I would post something and she would get low-key upset and say ‘‘Well I was going to do that today.’’ As if we can’t post the same sort of content on the same day. (I literally rented an Air BNB on vacation just for the bath tub and she was planning a bath tub set that day.)

I had been talking for months about a set I planned on doing and she posted suddenly that she ‘‘found some pasties and it gave her the idea for a set’’ and the set was very similar to the set I had been talking about for months and when I asked her about it she said she had been planning it. Which is ironic because she had just posted that she ‘‘just’’ had the idea. I let that slide too, but a lot of the ideas and things she posted really were not original ideas, just ripped off versions of ideas that I had. I stopped sharing ideas for sets in the engagement group because of this. She is also the reason I closed my housechat for awhile.

Basically, and this is what it boils down to…she’s incredibly insecure and does not like to see people doing well unless she feels that she too is doing well. She does not know how to go about getting subs organically and tries to build these fake relationships with other creators to gain access to their subs. She does not build up other women as she claims she does. She does not view the majority of her subs as actual humans, but as piggybanks. If she is not making money, she belittles herself and feels worthless over it.

She ended up soft blocking me on everything and I just felt compelled to share my side of the story because people have been asking. I genuinely hope she gets the help she needs because I don’t see her lasting long as a content creator with the way she treats people and the bridges she’s burned. I will still continue to help creators and keep being the person I am.

Thanks for reading!