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A pub tour of Wakefield

So today is Sunday 24th September and the other half is put at an Army veterans meeting, so I decided that is go for a couple of drinks in Wakefield

Harry's Bar

First stop is Harry's Bar a nice little pub, I would class it as a pub, as it doesn't have a bar vibe.

This is where I would include a picture of the hand pulls, but there were numerous, and people were waiting to get served.

When I got served, I ordered a pint of Mallisons Citranaut, rather nice crisp beer which was in good condition. I could drink another, bit I have a list of pubs to visit.

Anyhow, I sat in the decking area and cooled looking across the industrial estate.

The Hop

Next on my stops was The Hop. There's nothing really to say about it. It had the usual beers on and I had the usual White Rat.

I was the only person in, so I grabbed my point and sat in the beer garden.

The Polka Hop

Pint number 3 brings me to the Polka Hop. Not going to lie, this is my favourite place so far. The decor is so eclectic. A mixture of pub furniture and leather sofas.

I was the only customer.

Ordered a pint of Chin Chin's This Ain't No Disco, another pleasant and easy going drink and sat down.

Bit of a side note, there are way too many Pride flags these days.... (I'm on there and so is my partner, but still....)

Now half way though, 3 pubs to go.

The Black Rock

As I start the second half of the day, I find myself in the Black Rock. Took a while to find it. This has the feeling of an old pub. Full of old blokes... who am I to comment eh?

Anyhow, I ordered a pint of Theakston's Summit and got it pulled in a tankard... First time I've ever got a beer in a glass with a handle on

Anyway, I'm sat here drinking it, wishing I never ordered it...

Edit, the average age of the pub clientele had gone down ... a couple of young students came in.

The penultimate pub... Luis Bar / Fernandes Brewery.

First of all, it is not accessible, there's a flight of stairs to climb before you get to the bar.... there's also a flight of stairs for the gents trolleys.

Well the outside of the pub reminds me of a Royal Legion club, bere in mind the only one I've visited was Blackpool... it reminds me of that.

There were 10 handpulls, with a few repeats. Got myself a pint of Mr Brian by the in house Brewery, Fernandes. I know you're sick of hearing this, but again it's in good quality.

Also I may they may have wondered into a Wakefield CAMRA meeting

And the last pub on the journey.... The Red Shed aka The Wakefield Labour Club.

It's a shed, and it's red.

Also I cocked up, I'm not a fan of stouts and ordered a stout.

I'm going to have another, but this time a pale ale.

I ordered a pint of Brentwood Summer Virgin.

As you can tell, I'm rather had a few.... I'm now on the bus home