An open-world text-rpg

It's alive!

Greetings, and welcome to the development blog for City of Sarnath, an upcoming open-world, text-adventure!

I'll use the blog to post updates of what's currently going on in the labyrinthine streets of Salt Coast's largest city. I'll post sneak peeks of colorful citizens, veiled insights into occult coteries, and other mysterious tidsbits of forgotten lore.

As some of you already know, City of Sarnath is written in ink, a narrative scripting language developed by Inkle. It's a great language and I'm having a blast with it! However, because of the open-world nature of this game, it will break many of the conventions and best-practices established in the ink-community over the years. This will no doubt lead to innovation – for good or ill.

Whatever novelty techniques springs from this, I will use this blog to document them.

That's it for now. I bid you all a pleasant weekend when that time comes.

Aldous Scribbler