Hello with the best of intentions.

Day 1
I'm starting this blog as a repository for some live learnings, future debates, ongoing discussions, and internal musings. Having lived and worked a fairly mundane life crossing over the North American continent to work in California, I've seen things... and I'd like to discuss them.

The main focus will be to track the growth of my family going forward in ways that reflect on my opinions as the man I am today. Occasionally, I'll pivot into some reflections on the zeitgeist, or some really neat and wonderful technology that requires some additional analysis, but I am guessing the majority of updates will focus around my life in getting to this point and things I end up doing in the future.

I also think that I want to use this space to talk about a bunch of quantitative topics in detail, and spit out some spread sheets, layout some numbers, and layout the approximate numbers of my life and what they look like. I don't see this discussed enough and feel that financial, probability, and the risk-to-reward strategies should be something people feel more comfortable doing.

Finally, while I have no expectations of being able to make money off this, if that should happen to happen, who would I be to stand in the way of that kind of thing, but I don't see myself stooping to the level of a 'shill' to clutter what is an otherwise elegant platform with advertisements.

Hello World.