Hello with the best of intentions.

Practicing The Wrong Lessons

In order for you to get better at something, you're going to have to practice the task. There's currently no other way to build that muscle memory and intuition into a human that I'm aware of, and there's no sure way to guarantee you even become particularly proficient when you do.

For this reason, when you typically try to set out and become a master, you should be learning from somebody who knows what they're doing and is going to be able to show you how to do things properly. Sometimes, you'll have to pay for this, but in trying to avoid that, sometimes you'll end up paying for it dearly, which might be worse, depending on how you keep score. Have done something isn't really proof to me of having done something right, and so trusting parents and people around you for advice may give you quite the sting.

Finding something to chase that interests you enough to invest practice into is another quest. You're going to have to be trying, experimenting, coming, going, showing, and never knowing what sticks. I guess this is part of the allure of parenting, even when they don't like your things.