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Being able to find help offloading the baby during normal hours will determine the type of thinking and lifestyle you'll be able to live.

If you nominate somebody that lives in and can take responsibility 24/7, this is a different lifestyle in that you always feel you have access to the children's lives but you have a keep-out zone left to yourself during the day.

Finding somebody just during business hours allows you to fuss around in the mornings and live a different routine at sunup to nap time. Magically, you reappear in the evenings, and your work/life balance has tipped heavily in one direction. The day allows you to give a full effort and compete with hustle and bustle of corporate or social life. The evenings are split into multi-tasking and then relationship support.

Finding nobody means you're fussing around together with a baby during the day. Working remotely, it's beneficial to get a time zone that lines up with meetings, nap times, and takes advantage of your baby's regular sleep schedule. Going at it with the baby hard every day yields serious naps that you could set your clock to. If you sacrifice some sleep, you can continue to hit up all the update and status meetings, present slides in what looks like an office, and setup your own remote lab because, well, this is technology and it's relatively accessible and cool. You work in 1hr spurts and balance conference calls with training programs to fill the gaps. You have two head sets because one needs to charge while you run down the other. You have the weekend for deep work, time permitting. It's tiring.

Taking either of these path's hard will get you tired. I can imagine tacking on a second baby, additional financial burdens, bad luck, and a health incident; it could even get stressful.

The right partner, the right mindset, and the right lifestyle are critical in being able to balance your ability to keep up with non-familial demands and familial luxuries. If you're doing it right, you're going to get tired, but you're going to try to have it all.

Why not.