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1 Corset, 4 styles:

The corset, a timeless and iconic garment in the world of fashion, has long been celebrated for its versatility and transformative power. While traditionally associated with a particular era or style, the corset's adaptability knows no bounds, allowing it to be worn in various ways that cater to individual tastes and preferences even in our modern aesthetics. Let the magic of a single corset worn in four distinct and captivating styles inspire you.

  1. A Touch of History.

Throw your corset over your favorite dress. This outfit emphasizes the corset as a separate centerpiece for the outfit, giving a lot of versatility. The corset can give you a soft, flirty ren-fair vibe without looking like you’re wearing a costume. Bright color that complements each other, and different necklines make this an easy combo for styling beginners while remaining comfortable in your modern clothing.

  1. No really, it’s the bodice.

Let’s be honest. Most prom or wedding dresses are corset tops with a skirt attached to them. Take a moment to pair your own corset with a skirt to achieve a more formal look with a little additional clothing. Does the corset feel a bit exposed for that charity ball? No worries, add a lace shirt or tank underneath for a chic look that’s all your own.

  1. History, meet modern chic.

Swap out your skirt for pants and add a long-sleeve blouse or shirt for a refreshing take on a chic look. Draw attention to your beautiful corset with contrasting colors and a bit of bling and your modern style is complete.

  1. Business casual doesn’t mean business boring.

Swap out your shirt to the same color to tone down the corset look, then turn up your style with some patterned pants. This style emphasizes the detailing on your corset, while not being super obvious, leaving a business casual look that is easy to swing, and comfortable for all levels of modesty. You can also pop open a collared shirt and add a center-piece necklace for a fun touch.

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