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5 Ideas to Style a Corset

If you have a corset you love and have spent good money to get it then being able to style it in multiple ways to be able to wear it in many different contexts. Here are some examples from a recent photo shoot we did.

Over a matching dress

This light blue corset has been paired with a floral dress with a full petticoat and flowers at the hem.

With a contrasting full skirt

In this look, we added a full-length wool skirt to a brown corset. Worn with thermal leggings this would be an ideal way to style a corset for winter.

With a Lacy Bra

In this look, the corset was of an experimental design that did not provide quite the look we were going for. The model here is wearing a lacy black bra and matching lace bolero and skirt

With a matching Pencil Skirt

In this look our model has a matching corset and pencil skirt. In this case, the corset and skirt were both made from the same cloth. We paired this corset with a white blouse and brown tights to make a more modern look.

With a Mini Skirt

This look features a maroon and blue corset with flower appliques on it. To not overshadow the corset which has a lot going on it is paired with a simple black miniskirt. We also added a few necklaces to break up the look of her upper chest area.