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Corsets as a Scrap Buster project

This corset was made with scraps from other projects!

My Victorian & Steampunk corset pattern is made from a number of narrow panels. In many cases, the individual panels may be under 5 inches wide. Now if your fabric stash looks like mine there are lots of small pieces of fabric floating around.

Normally when I am making a corset I will lay the fabric out on my table, turn on the projector and chalk out all the pieces in one go and start cutting. In the case of the blue corset that was not going to work as it was cabbage left over from some prior project (Don't ask me what that project was, I don't remember). I had to spend some extra time laying out each piece on the table and cutting it.

Now in this case I had enough of the blue around to make the entire outer layer of the corset from it. That being said it is 5.3oz linen from fabrics-store.com. That being said if I did not have enough of that fabric I would not have hesitated to mix several different fabrics for the various panels. If you use pieces to make a corset like this tag me on Instagram @corsetpatternmaker

Take a look at this pattern and you will see how narrow the various pieces are.