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Iron on embroidery to enhance a corset

If you have a corset that you want to jazz up a bit consider adding an embroidered patch that you can iron or sew into place. This is a really nice way to add some flair to an existing garment that may need it. If you have a small tear or stain that needs to be covered or just want to give an old garment a new look this is a great solution.

You can get any number of embroidered patches on Amazon for not very much money. The flowers on this corset were about $9 for 6 of them, and they come in a number of colors. If you look on Etsy you can find a wide range of choices.

To add an applique place it on the garment where you want it then press it with a hot iron with steam (wool setting) for 10 seconds. While doing this you want to hold the iron in place and not move it around (which will shift the appliques before they set)

In terms of placement, I would suggest not placing bold applique on the breasts but rather on the hips or stomach area. In this picture, you can see the model has a corset with flowers in a “V” shape on her lower stomach. There are also 2 more chains of flowers on her back (you can see one of them poking out under her arm.

The V-shaped flowers and the blue panel in the front are designed to minimize the wearer’s waist.

Another option would be to put the flowers along the hip line of the corset. If you add a bit of extra hip flare and some padding it will make the model’s hips larger, which will make her waist look smaller.

The model is steampunk author and horticulturist Renée Fleury.