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It makes me confident in how my body looks and feels...

Sometimes things happen in a strange way.

On Monday I was looking at the /r/conneticut when K posted saying she was in town on business and didn't want to spend the evening staring at the walls of her hotel room. I was planning a night of sewing so I invited her over. She had wanted a corset for some time, so we made her one.

This is the CorsetPatternMaker Victorian/Steampunk Corset Pattern. After a few minutes with a tape measure and the projector and we had a solid pattern to use. I found some 7.2 oz linen in my stash and we started assembling. After I had put the outer layer together and sewn on some eyelet tape (which I have decided is really not worth using) she was able to at least try it on and look in the mirror.


Corset not quite finished

That might not have been exactly what she said but there were words to that effect. It really showed off her figure in a way that she was just not used to from more modern clothing. It also made her look amazing. We then added boning, fabric loops for lacing, and some lace on the front neckline which came out a touch lower than we had planned.

(She asked that her face be blurred out in these pictures and I am only calling her K for her privacy)

I love that gives me such a good shape

In this final picture, K is wearing a very full skirt that I had lying around from some past project that happened to be close in color to the corset we had made. It makes her waist look very small. I should note that she is not at all tightlaced here. Her waist measurement with the corset on was the same or larger than it was naturally. But the fullness of the skirt makes her hips look larger, which makes her waist looks smaller. Some padding on her but or hips would have made this effect more obvious.

K in her Corset with a full skirt

K said she would send me a few more pictures of her in her corset styled a few different ways when she gets home. I will post them here when she does.

So this is what can happen when you randomly respond to someone on Reddit!