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Using Heat Shrink tubing for boning tips

If you are using spiral steel boning you will need to put some kind of tips on the boning to prevent the sharp ends of the steel from poking threw the fabric and into the wearer. One way to do this and put a soft tip onto a bone is to use heat shrink tubing of the type that is often used by electricians. Heat shrink tubing is affordable and once you set it on the bone it is not going to move at all.

First, take the end of the bone and try to bend the back the pointy bits and if possible file them back so they are not pointy. Then find the smallest tube you can that will fit over the bone. and leave about ΒΌ of its length over the end. Then take a heat gun and point it at the tubing and blast it until the tube finishes shrinking. When it is done it should be tight on the bone tip and the ridges.

You can file down the bumpy ends of the tubing before putting it in the garment. I am going to try these in a corset in the next few days and will post an update on how it works in an actual corset.