Weekly encouragements to help you express yourself.

August 13th

By LemonadeDudette

Hello! It's 13th of August here and I feel bored. As usual I'm depressed. My parents used to call me “tripolar” because of my mood swings. Yes. I have an emotional roller coaster at home. Sad to happy. Happy to sad. Sad to hangry. Why? Since childhood, I have been an only child. I don't have friends, siblings or relatives to talk to. Worse of all, I'm in quarantine listening to Billie Eilish. I'm feeling super lonely. This has been happening since 2018. Sometimes I get sad thoughts and sometimes I wish I could just disappear. Nobody wants to talk to me and nobody cares about me. Not even my parents. So, I used this anonymous writing as a way out of my sad thoughts hoping one day that someone would hear me out.

A response to the Now