Weekly encouragements to help you express yourself.

Be That Person

By penelopetoot

Better than I deserve.
I’m grateful to be alive; have two legs; eyes to see; and ears to lend to others.
I’m grateful to have the comprehension of how important it is to take responsibility for oneself.
I’m grateful to have a roof over my head and clean water to replenish my body.
I’m grateful for the opportunity to choose what I can fuel my body with.
I’m grateful to be talking to you all and to be able to exchange our philosophy on life.
Above all, I’m grateful for my God, higher powers who challenges me and rewards me with life’s greatest lessons.

I’m so tired of sorrowing over the decisions I have made for myself. Allowing work to shadow over me and interrupt my inner-peace. It’s been a hard year for everyone. The biggest take away for me is to just—stop. Make time to listen to the birds and the trees dancing in the wind. Make time to enjoy the little things.

We have all seen how instantly our life can change. I’m so tired of being tired. What I'm thinking is how short life is to not just enjoy it. Exchange smiles with a stranger passing by. Lend a hand to your neighbor. Tell someone how much they mean to you. It’s all about love. No matter how tough our days may go, just remember the difference it would make to your bad day if you had someone who was kind enough to sit down and listen. Be that person.

A response to the Now prompt