Weekly encouragements to help you express yourself.


By Ulhar

(For context, questions from the prompt are listed prior to my answers.)

Is writing a natural process for you or a forced act?

Generally speaking:
– Creative writing is almost always awkward for me, and almost always feels forced. (Oddly, this doesn't seem to hold true with visual mediums. Some say “pictures can speak a thousand words” or the like.)
– Objective writing, particularly in regards to mathematics, feels natural. However, I generally find awkwardness increases as variables in the subject increase.

Do ideas rush out of you or constantly stuck?

I generally find that I lack ideas when it comes to writing. This is particularly true with creative writing (but again false with visual mediums???). I find my writing is at its best when I am given prompts to work with, such as these questions.

What benefits do you get out of writing?

Practice? I feel I have much room to improve. There's also satisfaction, if I do something right. (even if “something” is just being able to do creative writing... that's probably my most under-developed form of writing)

A response to the Writing prompt