Weekly encouragements to help you express yourself.

The Mark of Ink

By Seastar

My first response to putting down strokes of my ink pen in writing is satisfaction. The mark of ink on the paper proves to me that I exist in the real world. Stringing together the characters for the word and for the finished work soothe my consciousness. In other words, my nervousness and discontent leave me. I have little knowledge and ability for writing, though I write in English gratefully. The feedback shadows myself, and writing is a good as conversation. That helps me in plague time. If a publisher stumbles upon my writing and then chooses my writing, I have peace and I have a sense of accomplishement. I feel fortunate for the response to my writing. Unlike the fighter in the Twittersphere, expressing thanks in writing is the matter for me and a reflection of my consciousness on the page.

A response to the Writing prompt