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Cataract Caldron Cabal Castrates Constitution

The Constitution is supposed to protect us from the least moral among us assuming power over us — but only if good people in positions of limited power live up to their oath to “defend the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.” Too weak to withstand whatever temptations beset them, those who could have defended the Constitution did not and we are now where we are: a world (not just nation) in which a shadow cabal runs things regardless of the will of the people. The least moral people now have power precisely because they are happy to do anything to achieve it. Humanity has not progressed in the last five hundred years, but regressed. Significantly. Insurrection, that most people do not yet know happened.

What do good and faithful people of a democratic republic do when it becomes clear their vote has no meaning, for the preordained outcome will happen regardless of the genuine will of the people?

The faithful know. Forged beneath the onslaught of persecution, Catholics know. Deepen. Strengthen. Choose to be the seed that grows in good soil, grows deep roots, draws in deep and solid nourishment, and is of such faith as to withstand the withering heat of the hot day. Be of good faith.

“Qui verbum Dei retinent corde perfecto et optimo, fructum afferunt in patientia.”

“They who keep the word of God in a perfect and good heart bring forth fruit in patience.”

Antiphon for Terce, Sexagesima Sunday, Breviarium Romanum

And the timeless beauty and wisdom of Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition continued with the Little Chapter from 2 Cor. 11:19-20:

Bretheren: You gladly put up with fools, because you are wise yourselves! For you suffer it if a man enslaves you, if a man devours you, if a man takes from you, if a man is arrogant, if a man slaps your face!

And the Collect..

Lord, You know well that we can put no trust in any of our own achievements. Under the protection of St. Paul, Apostle of the pagan countries, grant us in Your goodness the strength to meet every adversity. This we ask of You through our Lord.

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