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Faith and COVID-19

Sin is the Greatest Virus to Infect Humanity

The most aggressive virus to ever effect humanity is sin. The virus of sin has a 100% infection rate, and without the cure, a 100% eternal death rate. On our own, we are powerless against sin, powerless to save ourselves, and the greater our efforts to save ourselves from sin, the greater our arrogance (believing we can) and thus the more spectacularly we deepen our sin.

Christ is the Cure

Humble obedience to Jesus our Christ is the one and only cure for the virus of sin.

COVID-19, Eucharist, and Faith

Our world's bishops have taken the unprecedented step to protect their flocks from the spread of a virus of the clay by canceling public Mass. Eucharist, which is the source and summit of Christ's light in our life, is now unable to be received. People are cut off from the source of light in their life and are feeling the pain of this in their lives, not just because families are stuck together in a way unlike anything before, trying to homeschool for the first time, but mostly because the regular refueling of the soul with Christ's light in the Eucharist is gone.

Everyone is Reeling, Including Shepherds

How do we shepherd and receive shepherding when we are cut off from the lush pastures? When we are a flock sequestered into our own homes, and it feels like we are easily picked off by Satan's temptations?

We need to open our hearts in a new way to hunger for Christ as never before, even as we fill our lives with grace as much as possible.

Light of Christ, Home Delivery

People across the globe are sharing the light of Christ in many and amazing ways through technology. I will post to this blog various resources I find that feed the soul, bring the light of Christ into our homes and hearts at a time we need it most.

Submit your thoughts, story, link regarding living our Catholic faith amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

May God startle you with joy!

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