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Multi-Generational Living: Challenging Choices Amidst COVID-19

Many countries, the United States included, have culturally turned away from multi-generational living. COVID-19 is exposing some of the weak spots in this change. Among the weak spots is young families with rent/mortgages who just lost their jobs and have no family nearby. Chances are, we will emerge from this with more young families living with their parents or aunts and uncles. Elderly parents/grandparents often live in a retirement community of some sort. COVID-19 prompts separation and two-weeks quarantine if one leaves. This can leave a grandparent suddenly alone if their spouse needs medical attention, regardless of if it is coronavirus related or not, and hard choices regarding to stay on their own, or stay with family for the duration.

Gifts of multi-generational living

There are many, perhaps forgotten, gifts of multi-generational living.

Challenges of multi-generational living

COVID-19 is going to reshape society in it's wake, whatever the wake looks like, in ways we will need to wait to see, but it makes sense that more people will return, of necessity, to multi-generational living. Find comfort in knowing that for most of human history, multi-generational living was normative. Breaking families apart by generation is a modern contrivance.

May God startle you with joy!

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