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Novels for a Pandemic?

By Corinna Turner

Why not try my unSPARKed series? (BREACH!, DRIVE!, A Truly Raptor-ous Welcome, etc.) Because dinosaurs are more fun than viruses—they're large enough to see and can be overcome by more hands-on means than simply staying home! The moving adventure story BREACH! will also challenge you to think about what's most important in life.

Fancy something a bit more serious? The Carnegie-nominated I AM MARGARET series is set in a future where faith is outlawed and eugenics the official policy. Join Margo, Bane, and Jon as they seek to survive—and fight back!

Fantasy more your cup of tea? Try ELFLING, winner of the 2016 YA Catholic Press Book Award. Serapia must find her father...or die.

Prefer a heartwarming tale of friendship and learning to fight temptation? Try MANDY LAMB AND THE FULL MOON.

For a fictionalised true story, try SOMEDAY, a re-telling of the kidnapping of the Nigerian schoolgirls in 2014, set in the West. Sold in aid of Aid to the Church in Need.

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