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Women: Why Do You Wear Skin Tight Cloths?

Every ad agency in the world knows if you want to sell, a woman’s sillouette ends all thoughts and demands the attention of whomever sees it. Why? Men are hardwired to notice a woman’s silhouette and doing so immediately triggers a number of arousal mechanisms in brain and body chemestry. Women are hardwired to compare themselves with the competition with various and immediate changes of they clay for them as well. If you want your (car, cigar, bar, jeans, soda, straws, cows, etc.) noticed clad it with a woman’s silhouette. But don’t just take my word for it, Saints and Science say the same thing.

Saint Padre Pio required women dress approprietly for Mass or he booted them out. Saint Pope John Paul II wrote the Theology of the Body, which intigrates science and theology to reveal the amazing beauty God gives us in our bodies and in marriage, and in sexuality lovingly expressed in marriage — hot, steamy, monogamous marriage — and the very many ways we in the fallen world fall for immodesty, lust, selfishness, promiscuity, and other carnal expressions of short-term, empty delights at the expense of vastly superior delights that lead to eternal and even far greater delights.

Women don’t want to be objectified, but then present themselves as objects by flaunting their curves and then get angry when both men and women call them on it.

Why do I bring this up now? Is it because most women have fallen for the bizarre belief that to be empowered and exercise they must dawn bodysuits that used to be considered lingerie? No. I have learned to tip my hat at them and strive to uphold their dignity and defend their modesty though they do not. I still have to get past the first glimpse, every time though. Should I have to? Maybe. This is the fallen world, and as a man that is part of my challenge in today’s society. No. I bring this up because a mother, having attended Mass at Notre Dame, found the bodysuits distracting and realized what they must do to distract her sons and pleaded with the young women on campus to consider a modicum of modesty by wearing jeans instead, and is being excoriated for it ... being accused of underming the very women she is striving to help become who God created them to be, defending their Theology of the Body. Some young women responded with “Leggings Pride Day.” Pride: one of the seven deadly sins. There’s your hint, folks. This, at a Catholic (ostensably) University. Oh, how much better we can to do! Modesty, chastity, contentment, and other virtues seem, in society at large, to be becoming #vanishingcommonarts.

Women, examine your conscience. Why do you wear skin tight clothing? It isn’t really to empower you or to allow you to exercise. In nearly every case, men wear clothing that is not skin tight to do the same thing. Consider that you wear skin tight out of a desire to be noticed, seen, valued. That Catholic mother of young men is exactly right, it is vainglory that has you wearing skin tights. Please, value yourself more than that. You will be more comfortable moving about the world, have more confidence, and upholding your and others’ dignity as you do.

Search Theology of the Body, read up on it. Be amazed at the wonders God reserves for those who cherish, guard, and defend the gifts He gives us, saving them for their proper place of expression: between one man and one woman become one flesh for life, united by God in Holy Matrimony. The delights of marriage humble and obediently lived are not only abundant and wondrous here and now, along with challenging and sorrowful, joyous, and more, but lived well, husband and wife run toward Christ and the salvation He offers together, hand in hand. Nothing is more delightful and grand than deep, abiding, eternal union with God, and for most of us, marriage is our path toward holiness.

May God startle you with joy!

Update: two days after posting this, “Like Mother Like Daughter” posted this (note, it’s April 1st). Despite the joke day, the sardonic message is clear. There are women (in addition to my wife and daughters, who helped me learn to see this clearly through the clutter of our modern age) who see this far more clearly than I do.

#theologyofthebody #Catholic

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