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Clairvoyance – It's Not as Easy as You Think

Every single human being moving around on this planet right now has access to their psychic gifts. Being a psychic is not a secret club. It’s not something only special people get access to. It’s something everybody has access to if they are willing to open up to it and take responsibility for it.

What does that mean?

To answer that I’m going to share my path with my own psychic gifts because it will help me to answer the question in a way that makes sense.

So, to start, what gifts do I have? I am clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient. I am also a medium meaning I can talk to people that have transitioned out of their human forms back into spirit. I am also an energy healer meaning I can work with or connect with the energy of any object, animate or inanimate. Yes, everything on the planet is energy. All of that energy can be interacted with at any time by people who are sensitive to that energy.

What I’m focusing on here is this idea of clairvoyance – seeing the future or knowing the outcome. Why? Because that’s usually what people think of when they think of psychics. There is more than one meme out there making jokes about psychics cancelling plans due to unforeseen circumstances. Why does that happen? What is that about?

Back to my journey…

It started with a premonition that came to me via a dream at 18 years old. I was told about something that was going to happen in my own life. I didn’t know when or why or how. I was told that the thing was going to happen and 2 years later it did. It was shortly after the event when I recalled the premonition. That was quite a moment, let me tell you!

After that experience I started getting random bits of clairvoyant information. I would be told something would happen, let time pass, and the thing would occur. I didn’t have control over what information I was given or when. The information was always directly related to my life. I wasn’t in a place in my life where I understood the power that I had, so when I was told something, I’d drop it because I didn’t have a use for the information. But then at the same time, I always seemed to have enough awareness to connect what was happening to a previous premonition or awareness that I had been given. It was like I was being shown that what I had been told had now played out. My intuition was never wrong. Ever.

It was during my “awakening” meltdown 9 years ago that I got “control” over my intuition. On a whim I made a ring on a string (a pendulum) and it swung around letting me know that it was working. Suddenly I could ask questions and get some sort of an answer. But that came with a responsibility. It came with what you might think of as almost a set of conditions. I had to be willing to go on the adventure. If I wasn’t willing to go on the adventure, then I didn’t need the information I was going to be given.

Now remember this is very specific to me and my journey. Everybody’s journey with their psychic gifts will be different. Some people are born with full psychic awareness intact. They come in having all these gifts with no idea what they are or what ‘s happening. That comes with a responsibility as well; for some it’s more of a burden than anything. How it shows up and why it’s there is dependent on the individual and the experiences they are meant to have while in that human form.

For me, I had to be willing to do the work to get the guidance. The guidance was often a set of instructions to do something specific either internally or externally. The instructions were designed to help me go on my healing journey to deal with the powerlessness that I felt.

I would get clairvoyant outcomes to help me keep going. Because of the powerlessness that I felt, I had a ton of fear of everything. So, without outcomes I wouldn’t have even considered going on the journey. Here’s a secret I don’t tell very often – the outcomes they gave me weren’t always true. They didn’t play out all the time. Why? Because it was more about the journey than it was the result of the journey. They needed me to keep going and sometimes that meant telling me what I wanted to hear so that I would keep going.

For a lot of people, the first time they get incorrect information from their intuition they abandon their intuition. I totally get that. I’ve yelled at my tarot cards or intuition more than once. I got pretty mad the first few times the outcome didn’t manifest the way it had been shown to me. But there was a pull that I felt that made me want to keep going anyway. There was a need to understand why that was happening. I wanted to understand, so I kept asking questions and I kept going.

Even without always being told the clairvoyant truth, I still trusted my cards and intuition implicitly. They love to play games and try to trick me to this day. But I have such a solid connection with it that I no longer get mad at the funny business. What it’s taught me is actually how to spot my own stories – my own BS. How do you think I learned to do what I do? My awareness of the stories came from my intuition playing with me, trying to show me what I was creating through my thoughts and feelings. I didn’t read this stuff in a book. I was guided to it.

My intuition was there to show me how to heal myself in a very specific way. I call it self-mastery now. If I wasn’t going to go in the direction of teaching self-mastery in one way or another, there was no reason for me to have the intuitive guidance. The guidance was very intentional and geared toward a somewhat specific outcome of me passing along this information in one way or another. That’s why I had to be willing to do the work to get the guidance. It came with the responsibility of teaching what I learned along the way.

That may not be true for everybody. Not everybody is here to teach. But the guidance that each person receives is on purpose. It’s intentional and it’s there for a specific reason. That reason will be different for each person.

I chose the path of being a writer and/or a coach or mentor. The part that I had control over was the part where I decided how to share the information that I was given. I had creative control over how I put it out in the world. What I didn’t have control over was the path I was taken on to get the information and what information I received.

There seems to be this myth that psychics are supposed to know everything and so it seems funny when things happen unexpectedly to a psychic. Why didn’t they know that already?

Psychics are human beings and they are here to have the same human experiences as everybody else. Knowing everything defeats the purpose of being human.

As a psychic, I’ve had to go through all the things too. I’ve had pain, joy, problems, struggles, mental health issues, and surprises. I’ve had a “normal” human life. It’s not different from somebody that doesn’t have psychic awareness. Why? Because I needed the experiences that I’ve had to be able to teach what I teach.

Knowing the outcome only gets you so far. honestly. It’s cool to know the outcome, but you still have to navigate the experience. You still have to be able to figure out how to create the outcome you were shown. You still have to convince your human mind that hasn’t yet had the experience of the outcome yet that it will happen that way. You still have to win the argument with yourself about whether the psychic advice was true or not.

The truth is that if you knew everything that was going to happen to you before it did, you’d probably never even get out of bed because it would terrify you. One of the things that happens is that you gain tools from every experience you have. If you skip the experience because you know the outcome and you don’t like it, then you don’t get the tools that are gained from having the experience. You miss a lot by not going through the experience. The outcome is not the purpose of the experience. The point is the journey, not the destination.

You don’t want to know the outcome most of the time because you already know it would scare half to death. You think that knowing the outcome allows you to make a more informed choice. “Well if I know it’s not going to work then I just won’t do it. It’ll save me a lot of time.” The simple truth is – you miss so much experience when you base your choices solely on whether it works or it doesn’t. You would put so many restrictions on your life and your experience if you knew what was going to happen before it did. Why? Because your fear and need to control everything would make you stay put. You wouldn’t move until you knew you had control over everything. You would lock yourself in a proverbial cage and never come out if you had access to the type of information you think you want access to.

I got access to the information you think you want to have. Do you want to know something? I had to sit in the fear and do it anyway. I had to earn that information by doing the hard work to act on it or let it play out in my reality. If I had stopped, the information would have stopped. I had to do it anyway regardless of what the outcome was, regardless of my judgment of it and regardless of how I felt about it. My intuition didn’t even tell me the truth half the time because they needed me to keep going and they knew I would stop if they told me the truth.

Are you willing to accept that challenge to get the information you think you want?

Psychic ability or intuition is not like a cheat code in a video game that unlocks unlimited ammunition or gold coins. Psychic ability comes with responsibility to use the information in the way it is intended to be used, to act on it or do with it what is asked of you. That means you have to get over your fear of it. That means you let go of a whole bunch of control over your life and the direction it goes in.

I didn’t start with an intention of teaching self-mastery. I didn’t even know what that was. I started teaching computers and offering tarot readings. I learned self-mastery intuitively and I was guided to the idea that it was information I was meant to pass on to others. I took on the responsibility of teaching it as part of my life path and in exchange for doing that I continue to get guidance and clarity intuitively every day.

I committed fully to the relationship I have with my intuition or psychic gifts. I’ve given my life up to doing the work that was asked of me intuitively to do. I wasn’t forced. Nobody made me do anything. I have had the option to walk away the whole time. I’ve made a conscious choice to continue to do the work because I want to do that work. I can’t imagine doing anything else now. This has become my life’s work.

Yes, it included healing me. I need to be able to walk my talk and do the things that I talk about. That means I had to fix myself so that I could walk that talk. It was part of journey. That was part of the deal. I got a crash course in how not to be a train wreck. I learned how to manage myself within the experience so that I could stop trying to control the experience.

Is it a fait accompli? Am I all done with the learning? Hell no. There’s always more to learn. I continue to gain awareness everyday. My “contract” actually says I get to continue being a student for the rest of my life so that there will always be something new to teach. The learning curve seems to have gotten a bunch easier in the last while, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not subject to an increase in the difficulty level at any time. My life path continues and for the most part, I don’t really know what’s next. I’m not sure where I’m being taken at the moment. Just like you, I don’t always know what the next outcome is going to be. I live day to day just like everybody else.

As Spider Man says – “with great power comes great responsibility”. Psychic awareness is great power and with it there is great responsibility. It may look different for different people, but there will always be a reason for it and a responsibility that goes with having it.

Yes, you have access to it but you have to be open to it and ready to take on the responsibility of it. Not everybody is. People think they want it because of the advantage they think it offers. But most of those advantages aren’t really true. They are mostly myths created by the media that romanticize the idea of what it means to be psychic.

It’s not about lottery numbers and cheat codes. It’s about learning, healing, growing, responsibility, understanding, and maybe for some, teaching. Psychic wisdom is intentional and on purpose. It’s not random or hap hazard. The myths are just that – myths.

Is there an advantage to being psychic?

Yes. But it’s more subtle than cheat codes and knowing everything. It’s guidance, wisdom, and a helping hand that comes with a bit of a string attached, because you have to be willing to do the work that’s asked of you to get it.

Love to all.



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