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Life is Magical

Life taught me…

That I wasn’t allowed to be myself.

That I had to make everybody around me happy. I was the ultimate people-pleaser.

That I needed to live the “dream” of getting a teaching job, finding a husband, having a couple kids, buying a house and a car or two, going on vacation once a year, and waiting to die.

That I had to defend myself constantly because the whole world was out to get me.

That emotions were bad and it was better to keep them to myself.

That money made the world go round and I had better make sure I hoarded my little piece of the pie.

That I was never going to be good enough no matter how much I achieved or did in my life.

That life is hard and I had better be ready for battle.

Spirituality and healing myself taught me…

That my power was within me and I didn’t have to give it away anymore.

That I could be who I was and it was okay. I didn’t have to spend my life making everybody else happy.

That I didn’t have to conform to the “dream” if I didn’t want to. I could take any of those things and do them my own way.

That I was born good enough and I didn’t have to earn that.

That I was not the body, mind, and ego I was given at birth. I was far more than that and I had the ability to manage those things so that life could be just a little bit easier.

That I was a spirit in a meatsuit and that spirit was ready to guide me when I was ready to listen.

That my emotions were a GPS system that I could use to figure out what had been triggered within me. Emotions didn’t have to be a tidal wave that took me over. They also didn’t have to be ignored. There was balance to be found in my emotional awareness and well-being.

That my ego and mind wanted to defend me because that was the job they were given. I learned that it that wasn’t always helpful and that I could guide my mind and my ego to use different strategies that didn’t cause so much pain.

That life doesn’t have to be hard. We create a lot of the pain we experience through our own thoughts and feelings.

That experience itself is neutral. It is our human judgment that deem things right or wrong, good or bad.

That money was energy and that if I learned to manage my own energy, the money would follow. I would be supported for doing the thing I was born to do.

That money is not finite. The system will never turn down another millionaire due to lack of funds.

That the world is not out to get me. My need to defend myself just made it feel like that much of the time.

That I had more power and control over my own life than I was ever led to believe. By learning where that power was and how to use it, I have completely changed who I am and how I show up in the world.

In the end…

Life will never be the same. I can never go back, nor do I want to.

Heal the wounds within you. Show up for yourself. Do the work. Be who you are. Never let anybody tell you that you can’t.

You are far more powerful than you think you are. Dig deep and you’ll find the power that you didn’t even know you had buried deep inside of you.

Life is truly magical when you simply allow it to be so.

Love to all.



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