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Love and Hate – Equal and Opposite

Love and hate are equal and opposite viewpoints.

They are both valid.

They are both belief systems.

They both deserve the same amount of respect.

They are neither right nor wrong, good nor bad, they are neutral. The ideas of right and wrong or good and bad are human constructs that create more problems than they solve most of the time.

So let's talk about how I see the world these days. I think what I'm about to share with you will surprise you and may actually upset you.
For convenience here, I'm going to simplify this into two teams: team woke and team hate. Obviously there are many people with varying viewpoints, but to keep the blog from being incredibly long I'm only going to acknowledge the two groups.

Team woke is attempting to do what they feel is right. They want to eradicate hate, racism, and bigotry. They want to protect marginalized groups of people. They want a world that is completely accepting of everybody. These are amazing ideals to have. A world full of love and acceptance is a beautiful concept.

Team hate is exactly that. They have a lot of fear and pain around certain ideas and groups of people. The biggest target right now seems to be the LGBTQIA+ community. This is a group that wants to be left to their own beliefs. They want the right to put their beliefs into practice, no different than team woke. They are asking to be left alone, plain and simple.

Here is where we run aground really quickly because the current strategy is not working. What I'm offering is the idea of balance and acceptance of love and hate as equal, opposite, and valid viewpoints.

I'm offering the idea that all of it is okay and that in order for things to balance out in this world, we're going to have to learn to accept all of it, regardless of our human perceptions of it. Trying to shut either side down causes chaos and that's exactly what you're seeing around you in the world today.

Humans have a habit of defending their pain. I used to do this frequently myself. We don't feel seen or heard, we don't feel validated or acknowledged and so we try to force our pain on the people around us. We defend our pain the same way we would defend our human forms if we were in danger. Right now in the greater world team hate says things like this, “You need to respect my right to disrespect/hate you.”

What's behind a comment like that? Where's the balance?
Forcing people into acceptance is the equal and opposite of forcing people into hate. We currently live in a world that is attempting to force people into acceptance. One of the ways they try to defend their hate is by asking others to respect their right to it. Both acceptance and hate are equal and valid ways of being. The human perception of right and wrong or good and bad is what creates the argument. We try to make people do things or not do things. And guess what? They don't take kindly to that.

But then you argue that what they are doing is wrong. They are bullying other people. They are causing pain. Therein lies the problem. The human perception of wrong makes you want to change what they are doing. You can't because you can't force somebody into acceptance. You can't force somebody to heal. You can't force somebody to change their behaviors, beliefs, ideas, or ways of being. The idea of trying to make them see that what they feel or believe is wrong will make them dig in their heels more. What happens when somebody tells you you're wrong? Do you like that? Probably not. So why would they like it when you do it to them?

The moral high ground is not justified when it makes you hate or disrespect others because you don't agree with their beliefs. The minute you disrespect another person's beliefs because you disagree with them, whether you think they are right or wrong, you lose that moral high ground. Your moral high ground is based on acceptance that you're decidedly not offering. You can't fight for something you're not willing to do yourself.

If you want to create acceptance in the world, then fully accept the equal and opposite viewpoint of your own regardless of how right or wrong you think it is.

Since we're not able to leave each other alone for some reason, the United States has found themselves in quite the predicament because now we elect people into power that feel as we feel. What does that mean happens? Hate becomes law because it's the only way to get others to respect their feelings. They can't get respect by just asking for it so they legislate it instead and are trying to essentially regulate transgender people out of existence because of it. Why does that happen? Because they are demanding acceptance of their viewpoints and ways of being. They have found a way to make you deal with it by putting it into law.

By the way the equal and opposite is also true. When you legislate equality and acceptance, it's no different than legislating hate. It's forcing another group of people to be in the world in a way they don't want to be.

Let's be very clear. This is not actually about the LGBTQIA+ community at all. They are a random group of people that has been targeted as a result of this argument. They have become convenient scapegoats for the bigger argument that is taking place. The bigger argument is very simple: all viewpoints need to be respected equally whether we agree with them or not – including hate, racism, and bigotry. Those things are valid viewpoints. Right and wrong are simply human perceptions that cause division.

You all know that I'm accepting of everyone and everything. I'm part of the LGBTQIA+ community myself. Have you ever wondered why I don't come out pro this and pro that? Have you ever wondered why I don't offer more support to certain things? Because this is what I see in the world right now so I'm refraining from putting energy into it, not because I want racism, hate, and bigotry to be the law of the land but because if we keep trying to push our viewpoints on each other we're going to end up there anyway; we already are.

I don't want people to be bullied or excluded or anything else, but team woke's solution to the problem is not working. It's actually making it worse. It's causing team hate to go ahead and make racism, hatred, and bigotry legal. Why? Because of the lack of acceptance and respect being shown. If you don't want this stuff made law, then you need to back down. You need to allow. You need to accept. You need to get out of the way. This face off isn't working and not only is it not working, you're losing the battle because you refuse to see what you're creating. You refuse to see that what you're doing is harmful, even if it is on the perceived right side of the moral argument.

That need to defend like this is a very human ego way of being. I used to live like that, creating extremes as a way of protecting myself. I totally understand that idea and where it comes from. It's based on pain. Hate is pain. Racism is pain. Bigotry is pain. Stubbornness is pain. It's all pain and fear.

Acceptance can also be based on pain and fear. Fear of what happens if we don't accept. The religious argument can be used here too. The Bible told me to accept everybody, so I'm doing it because of the fear of being punished for not doing it. It's the equal and the opposite.

Team hate wants the right to live the way they believe no different than team woke. The only thing that causes trouble is the perception of right and wrong because it makes us unable to leave each other alone. It makes us unable to find balance and co-exist peacefully.

You don't want to back down because you want to protect people. I get it. But the problem is that the equal and opposite of that is trying to legislate people out of existence. We're not going to get there doing what we're doing. The current strategy is not working and it needs to change.

I am pro peace and pro LGBTQIA+ and pro choice, but I am also pro acceptance of the equal and opposite so that the battle stops.
What you are seeing in the world is karma/energy balancing itself.

When one side pushes too hard the other side pushes back. You get an equal and opposite response every time. The Universe will balance naturally. That is what we call karma. Much karma has been created through this process and much more will be created as each side continues to dig in their heels and fight for their way of being in the world. The only way this ends is if we all leave each other alone and let each other be.

Using right and wrong as your reason for engaging in the argument is what is keeping you in the argument. It's time to stop. We are going to tear each other apart and I would suggest that we are far closer to that than we would like to believe.

Love to all.



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