I made a word: entréepreneur

Ideas can be hard to be let go of.

I wonder if that’s an idea's way of asking for a little tending to. A small deed might be required.

Take a business idea. Starting a business can be a big slog. But emailing a business owner in the industry – that might be just the deed. The email could tell them how if they brought this idea to life they would be guaranteed one raving customer. Change may come about. It might not. But for certain, the idea would be tended to.

I made this word (or two) as a little extension of that thought.


a personal problem, need, frustration, sometimes with a perceived solution

food for the entrepreneur; not substantial and finely presented


a person who shares an entrée to someone more likely to act on it

a listener of secrets, glass-half-empty flipper


email me your entrée (100 words max) and i’ll place it below

zero-waste reach flosser – your idea!

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