Upgrade-a-thon in Hyper-V: Part-3 – MS-DOS 2.11

This quick posts covers MS-DOS 2.11.

MS-DOS 2.11

MS-DOS 2.11 is a large upgrade over 1.25 (including DIRECTORIES!!!), but still doesn’t let you install to a C: drive (besides manually copying stuff, which I haven’t tried).

Using the FreeDOS VM I created before, I created the two diskettes used for MS-DOS 2.11. TWO disks! The second one holds a few files like a debugger and linker, as well as a backup and restore utility. Most of the programs are on the first one.

I was able to fdisk the C: drive, but it throws some weird errors. Possibly because the smallest disk I could create in Hyper-V is 1G and that’s… larger than MS-DOS 2.11 expects. We’ll have to see if the future versions have issues installing to and running it.

MS-DOS 2.11 boot screen


Some basic usage of the C: drive. The IBMBIO.COM is likely due to me running sys on C: