some of my thoughts and notes


Yes, I know it's dangerous to compare with other people. But I think if we do it without judgement it can be quite interesting.

I found it quite interesting for example to compare the friend I visited with me and with you.

Firmly anchored in her satisfaction with her work she doesn't think of moving to another place. Yet. On the horizon she can see a change coming and plans to interrupt her working routine with a long travel period.

Quite the opposite from our plans of interrupting our travel routine with a long work period.

While my friend found stability in her work to carry her through an emotionally straining breakup, the stability of the relationship with you has helped me withstand the emotional rollercoaster of leaving my work for such a long time.

Yesterday, while visiting my old collective, I also found myself comparing with the people I found there.

A year ago I would probably not have felt much resistance towards their way of life, but now, with the experience of the past months, it felt utterly different from home.