some of my thoughts and notes


Now that we share everything I feel like it's also good to share some basic financial statistics.

Since we came back from India I spent:

338€ in supermarkets
312€ on Hostel and apartments
260€ on Diesel
140€ in restaurants
112€ at IKEA
14€ on highway tolls

For comparison:

In the supermarkets in Norway last year I spent 480€ per month in October and November. Over the last 12 months on average I spent 240€ per month.

My spending on accommodation peaked in March at 860€ but averages at 260€ per month over the last 12 months. My rent, without electricity, used to be 325€.

And in restaurants I spent 150€ last December in Norway and an average of only 60€ per month.

On Diesel, my average monthly spending is at 130€, the car overall, with including repairs and insurance, comes in with an additional 310€ per month.

Not counting the last expenses for the repair of the car I spent about 400€ per week, which is not more than I planned for myself alone when I started my journey in January.

So, you didn't really make anything noticeably more expensive for me during this travel.

Even motivating me to drive all the way to Málaga, considering the relatively low fraction of Diesel cost in the mix, wasn't bad at all and definitely worth it.