some of my thoughts and notes


While lying in bed and ruminating tomorrow's work, I just had a pretty clear vision, which is pretty rare for me, even in these states. It was the face of a Lemur.

To make sure I remembered the name of the animal correctly and to find out what it may have meant, I quickly searched for it online.

And it turns out that they're endemic to Madagascar. So what about Madagascar?

Just before Christmas last year I had been to a class reunion where I had talked with a former classmate who, back in middle school, was never really sympathetic to me.

Now, 15 years later, she seemed to have changed a lot, and probably because her face reminded me a bit of yours (and she was sitting opposite of me) I gave her a lot of my attention.

After school she had become a midwife, and since working privately and not inside a hospital she really loves her job.

She also recalled a journey to Madagascar a few years ago where she had seen people in extreme poverty who were still extremely happy and generous. This had impressed her so profoundly that she always wanted to go back, but since it had been quite a while she wouldn't be sure if she would dare to go alone.

Without a second thought I offered her to join her, should she decide to go back. And we loosely agreed that maybe next fall would be a good time (even though I rather hoped for winter).

I think without any other word from me this is impossibly going to happen and later I also had some second thoughts because I remembered that she was catholic.

Now, things have changed again and the rest of the year is uncertain.

But maybe the Lemur was still a sign to pay some attention to Madagascar.

What else to say about Lemurs?

Well, it's a super diverse superfamily of around 100 still existing species, all living in Madagascar.

Interestingly, they're among the very few primates and mammals that exhibit female social dominance, and even after decades of research, it's not exactly clear why.

Also, males and females are equal in size, and the reason why that's possible is quite surprising.

And I remember that I love the way they move through trees.

And now it's time to finally sleep.